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About Us

Biro Pusat Aktuaria (BPA) is the trademark of our company called PT Sentra Jasa Aktuaria.

BPA is an independent and trusted actuarial consulting firm which has obtained a license from the Indonesia Ministry of Finance with decree Number Kep-198/KM.6/2001.

Up to date BPA has been working with more than 800 companies including Pension Funds where 70% of them are multinational companies.

BPA has quite a lot of experiences in working together with International Actuarial Consulting Firms like Towers Watson, Hewitt, Buck Consultant, etc.

With our capability in understanding the local regulation and culture, combined with our experiences in joint-ventures environment, we are confident that we can deliver a value-for-money actuarial services and consultations.


Our Chief of Actuaries is also:
  • The Chairman of Indonesia Actuarial Consulting Firms.
  • The Executive Committee Member of the Asia Pacific Association of Consulting Actuaries (APACA).
  • The Member of the Task Force of Implementation Guidelines for PSAK No. 24 (Revision 2004) on Employee Benefits.
  • The member of Indonesian Social Security Council.
  • The member of Indonesian Actuary Council.
We have been awarded

We have been awarded credentials to prepare actuarial reports for TASPEN (Government Provident Fund) with more than 12 (twelve) million participants.

We have been working

We have been working with more than 800 (eight hundred) companies where 70% of them are multinational and joint venture companies.

Our Services

BPA certification

BPA certification is service for the calculation and issuance of payments for the employee at the end of the work in accordance with the laws and regulations on companies.

It is very often the company pays more or less than what they should pay. It happens because sometimes they made mistake in calculating the benefits to be paid. If the company is making an overpayment so the company has to cover the deficits in accrual by putting an additional expense.

  • To ensure this kind of things will not happen, we will help our client to calculate and confirm in writing the amount of benefits to be paid.
  • To have a proper calculation of benefits in accordance with the laws and regulations
  • To avoid risk of excess or deficiency of payment
  • To avoid disputes in the future between the company and employees due to inappropriate benefit payment
  • To get a certificate calculating the benefits
  • Obtain semiannual report benefit payments
  • Get the annual report benefit payments
  • Obtain the estimated annual pension benefit payments

BPA collecctive labour agreement

The objective of this review is to see whether or not the changing of the Collective Labor Agreement will bring a financial impact to the company.

Many companies do not realize when they approve amendment on the Collective Labor Agreement. Eventually surprise when the actuarial calculation is made, therefore to minimize it risk is necessary to see in advance.


  • A Comparison between existing benefit and new benefit.
  • Actuarial calculation using new benefits.
  • Impact on the new benefits.
  • Projection PSAK 24 with new benefits

BPA employee benefit

Since 2004 the Indonesian Auditors Association requires every company to prepare actuarial reports related to all of their benefits promised which are stated in their Company Regulations, Collective Labor Agreement and Applicable Laws and Regulations.

  • We help our clients to generate actuarial reports which reflect their liability andExpense in accordance to PSAK 24, IAS 19/IFRS, FASB, AASB, etc
  • We help our clients to design and implement a comprehensive Employee Benefits Programs
  • We help our clients to set up and liquidate their Pension Funds
  • We help our clients to select the appropriate providers who will carry out their Employee Benefits Program including Pension

BPA general insurance

NMG Consulting has a dedicated and specialist actuarial consulting practice in the Asia-Pacific region. Matthew Maguire is the Partner responsible for the actuarial practice and leads the Malaysian based team from Singapore.

NMG has been providing actuarial, financial, strategy, management and distribution consulting services to general insurance companies in the region since its inception 20 years ago. During this time, we have been valuing the loss reserves for companies throughout the region including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Sri Lanka for their compliance with increasingly sophisticated local insurance regulations such as the implementation of Risk Based Capital (‘RBC’) frameworks.

As a result, we have developed an excellent knowledge of the regulatory environment, which in turn allows us to advise our clients on the optimal strategies for operating within these jurisdictions.


  • Calculation of Technical Reserve.
  • Premium Reserve : UPR (Unearned Premium Reserve) & URR (Unexpired Risk Reserve)
  • Claim Reserve.
  • IBNR ( Incurred but not reported)

BPA pension funds

Funding in accordance with the provisions issued by the Minister of finance, that pension fund companies are expected o make periodic actuarial reports related to the provision of rights and the amount of pension benefits. It also requires the actuarial valuation of pension funds in accordance with PSAK 18 to determine the amount of the liabilities and the current service period. Sometimes they made mistakein calculating for the funding and actuarial valuation at the valuation date.

To ensure this kind of things will not happen, we will help our client to calculate the Actuarial Valuation based on PSAK 18 and for funding.

Our Experts

Team Member Director

Yunan Haris

Team Member Chief of Technical Dept

Kristiana Juniarsih

Team Member Chief of Consultants (Group II)

Rachma V Agustine

Team Member Chief of Consultants (Group III)

Dian Dewi Mustika

Team Member Chief of Consultants (Group IV)


Team Member Chief of Consultants (Group V)


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